Beginning Tuesday, January 19, 2021, we ask that all print shop requests be submitted through the online PaperCut Job Ticketing system.  A link to this system is on the Intranet and can also be accessed using the following URL:

To support our staff through this transition, we have created a few frequently asked questions.

What is a “print shop job request system”?

It is an online website that allows staff to upload documents and submit different print jobs to the print shop for processing.  The job ticketing system looks like an online store where you can select a job, upload your documents, and then specify the job’s details.  For example, you can upload one or more PDFs and then set the type of paper you would like used, collating and stapling preferences, and much more.  You can even submit mailings through the system!

When will the system be available?

The system is available today.  We encourage staff to give it a try and share any feedback regarding the system with Lauren Bonner, Casey Wright, or Kim Ptak.  

How do I submit a request to the print shop?

Simply navigate to the Intranet, and select the Print Shop Job Ticketing system link.  Or, navigate your web browser to

To learn more about the job ticketing system, check-out this brief video.

Am I able to drop off requests in-person at the print shop?

To provide a contactless experience for the print shop, we ask that all requests are submitted through the job ticketing system.  Any special requests can be added as a note on the job ticket before submission.  If there are follow-up questions, please feel free to contact the Print Shop team.

Can I email the print shop?

If you have general questions, you can continue to email the Print Shop at or  However, please do not submit print jobs directly through email; use the job ticketing system to submit print jobs.

When will I receive my copies?

The Print Shop team is committed to turning around all requests within one business day.  If you submit a request on Monday at 2:00 PM, you can expect to receive it by Tuesday at 2:00 PM.  If, for some reason, a request is not able to be fulfilled by the standard time, the Print Shop team will contact you.

Is there anything else I need to know?

The job ticketing system will send status updates as your request is processed.  You will be notified when the job has been received, put into production, and completed.  You can also track your requests’ status and add questions or comments through the job ticketing system by selecting the My Orders tab.

If you are submitting a mailing, please submit using the Glenbrook South Print Shop.  All mailings are processed at Glenbrook South.

If you have any questions or have suggestions to make the job ticketing system even better, please contact Lauren Bonner, Casey Wright, Kim Ptak, or RJ Gravel.