If you have been provided access to the buildings' webinar accounts please use the following procedure to login to that account to schedule the webinar.

In order to use the gbswebinar and gbnwebinar accounts you will need to login to Google using that account. We will do this via Incognito mode in the Google Chrome Browser.

  1. click the three dots in the upper right corner of a Chrome browser window
  2. select New Incognito Window 
  3. browse to https://glenbrook225.zoom.us
  4. select Sign In
  5. input gbswebinar@glenbrook225.org or gbnwebinar@glenbrook225.org and click Next
  6. input the password provided to you for this account and click Next
  7. on the left sidebar select Webinars
  8. from here you may Schedule, Start, or Edit webinars created with this account. To simplify starting the webinar you can add your personal account as an alternative host