You may need to connect to internal resources that require access to the internal school network. To do this we will use special software to allow your Chromebook to connect to the Glenbrook network from wherever you may be.

After going through the setup below you simply need to open the Aruba VIA app and if you are not at school it should attempt to connect right away.

  1. Open the Play Store on your Chromebook
  2. Click Aruba VIA
  3. Click Install
  4. Open the Launcher and find ArubaVIA, click to open it
  5. ALLOW the program access to files on your device
  6. Click within the circle to "…download VPN profile"
  7. Type into the text box and click DOWNLOAD
  8. Input your Student ID Number and password and click PROCEED
  9. At this point if you are anywhere except inside one of the school buildings the software will immediately attempt to connect
  10. click OK when prompted for the Connection request
  11. When the Circle is green your chromebook is connected to the Glenbrook network just as if you were on campus