To connect to the Parallels RAS system to use the BlueJ or Greenfoot software please perform the following steps on your Chromebook.

  1. Install the Parallels Client Chrome app into your profile, by clicking the link and then "Add to Chrome"
  2. Open the Launcher to find the Parallels Client app
  3. Click the green + button to add a new configuration
  4. in the Server field enter
  5. in the User Name field enter your Student ID number
  6. in the Password field enter your password
  7. click Save
  8. On first time setup the Client will immediately attempt to connect to the server, at this point you may see a Security Alert regarding the certificate. Simply check "Do not ask me again" and click the Yes button.
  9. On subsequent launches of the Parallels Client app you merely need to click the name of the server in the sidebar to connect
  10. You may now navigate into the Glenbrook Apps folder by clicking on the main window icons or via the sidebar
  11. Double-click on the BlueJ or Greenfoot icons to launch the apps