There are times using a Personal Meeting ID (PMI) is useful (e.g. when you meet with someone on a regular basis) and other times it's best to have Zoom automatically generate a meeting ID (e.g. when you want to share unique meeting information with different individuals or groups). 

To ensure that you have the option to EITHER a PMI OR an auto-generated ID, check the following Zoom Settings:

First, in the Zoom Scheduler Chrome extension, click on the Settings gear icon. Set Meeting ID: to Personal Meeting ID ... 

Second, on the page Settings> Security > Use Personal.... should be turned off.

If you are using Google Calendar to schedule meetings, there are a couple of ways to generate the Zoom meeting information:

  • Use the "Add video conferencing" button if you want to use an automatically generated link.
  • Us the "Make it a Zoom Meeting" button if you want to use your PMI.