Five Ways to improve the quality of video on Google Meet

1. Optimize your wireless network: Change where you are sitting in your home when attending / hosting a google meet. You may have full signal strength but your wireless throughput may be very low due to channel interference from your neighbors wireless networks. Dual band wireless routers often will give you the option of transmitting a 2.4ghz wireless network and a 5ghz wireless network at the same time. You should use the 5ghz wireless network which will give you more bandwidth and less interference. Also disabling the 2.4ghz wireless network will cut down on wireless signal congestion.

2.Delete the Chrome Browser cache: Delete your browser cache in google chrome by going to the three dots in the right top corner. Then go to more tools then clear browsing data- select all time -then uncheck history - clear clear data.

3.Removing Unused Extensions in Chrome: Extensions are small programs in google chrome that can cause poor performance if the extensions are not updated in time to match the latest updates from google.  If you go back to the three dots in the top right corner and click on more tools then extensions you will find a list of installed extensions.  You will want to delete any extensions that you don't use, like gaming, shopping, ad blockers or PDF makers. Google extensions or extensions installed by the school district are ok to keep.

4.Change your Google Meet Video Resolution: In the google meet video window click on the three dots in the lower right of the camera screen window. Click on settings and then click on the video tab at the top.  Make sure the lower resolution selected.

5. If all else fails use another browser:  Google Meet will work on Mozilla Firefox If chrome is having a bad day launch in Firefox and give that a tryIf you do use another browser you will need to login with your district email account on that browser if you haven't already.