Sometimes you need to write directly on a PDF to demonstrate something, make comments, etc.

Other options include: Smart Notebook, One Note

Other Options:

 Annotating PDFs with Acrobat Pro DC

For this option, Acrobat Pro needs to be installed on your computer; however, the District has a limited number of licenses for this software. Call the Help Desk at 847-486-4555 for assistance if this is the only option that will work for you. Mac users can also install themselves by using Managed Software Center and, if not on school grounds, VPN.

Annotating PDFs and Google Docs in Google Drive with the FREE Kami Add-on 

Kami is a free add-on in Google Drive that can be used to write, draw, annotate and comment on PDFs or other Google Drive files.  This app must be installed through the Chrome Web Store.

Here’s a “How-To” article showing how you can use Kami for Remote Learning, including a link to a demo video. Kami also provided an introductory and advanced video guides on using Kami for Remote Learning.