WeVideo is our district supported video creation and editing tool that includes both screen recording and webcam recording options.  This tool can be used by both students and staff.  

In an e-Learning environment, teachers may want to create video tutorials or short lessons to provide direct instruction. It is best practice that video lessons are no more than 10 minutes in length.  Alternately, students can use WeVideo to create videos demonstrating their understanding of class content or presenting on a particular topic.

Creating a Glenbrook WeVideo Account

To access all premium features and create videos without time limitations, users must log in with their Glenbrook Google Apps account AND apply the Glenbrook code: 2E3666KTE563

Instructions for Creating a Glenbrook WeVideo Account

The Basics

Screen Recording and Webcam Recording

Screen Recording enables you to record a video of your entire computer screen or a single desktop window along with voice narration. For example, you may want to narrate a presentation or give an explanation while writing on a whiteboard app.  Any actions that you take on the screen (scrolling, clicking, etc) are recorded. Once you finish recording you can save the recording as a video, and use it within WeVideo.

Written Instructions

Finalizing and Posting Videos to Your Digital Course Space

Post Videos to Google Classroom