While many teachers are well-versed in the use of Google Classroom, here are some resources that might be of use to get started, including recommendations for easy organization and what students have found helpful.

The Basics

Recommendations for Setup and Organizing

  • When creating your class, put your last name in the title of the class.  This helps students, case managers, and department assistants organize classes. (e.g. Smith U.S. History - Gold Block 2)
  • Make your department assistant a co-teacher of your class for easy access in case of an emergency

Engaging Students in Google Classroom

Providing Access to Your Classroom for Other Staff Members

In an e-Learning environment it may be necessary for additional staff members to access your Class page, such as Case Managers or other support personnel.   These users can be added as co-teachers to your course and will be able to view all resources and assignments posted to your class along with student work to be able to assist students as necessary.

Instructions for adding a Co-teacher

Guardian Email Summaries for Parents

Parents may express interest in accessing your class resources with more responsibility placed on students to complete school work.  While parents cannot get direct access to your Google Classroom space, they can receive daily or weekly summaries of announcements and assignments posted.