Teachers should use their Glenbrook email account for all school-related communication.  For e-Learning days, teachers can send students lessons and activities by linking to resources in an email or attaching documents.  

If a teacher is using Google Classroom, students can be emailed all at once directly through classroom.

Instructions for Emailing Students from Google Classroom

Exporting Student Emails from PowerSchool

Teachers can export student emails from PowerSchool to make it easy to copy and paste into an email.

Exporting Student Emails from PowerSchool - Handout 

Creating Contact Groups in Gmail

While currently the easiest option might be to copy and paste student emails from a Google spreadsheet into an email (see video tutorial above) , some teachers may prefer to create contact groups in Gmail for all of their classes if not using Google Classroom.  While this may be time consuming up front, it may be an efficient way for teachers who use email as their primary form of communication with classes during e-Learning days.

Instructions for Creating a Contact Group