There are many fillable PDFs used in Glenbrook 225 - professional leave requests, reimbursements, timesheets, etc. Here are some tips for submitting a fillable PDF form:

  1. Use Chrome or Adobe Acrobat to fill out the form. On occasion, some errors occur when the Mac default program "Preview" is used. 
  2. Use the Print function rather than Save or Export when you are finished and ready to save your work. Depending on which application you're using, you might accidentally be sending a form that is still editable. In many cases, including forms submitted for Board approval, you need to submit a form that is completed and no longer editable; "printing" the form will ensure this is the case. 
    Prepare to "print" your document and instead of sending it to the printer queue (e.g. Print-BW) select Save as PDF. Again, Chrome or Adobe Acrobat are recommended.