Starting in the 2019-20 school year, Mastery Manager has launched SmartScan Beta which includes upgrades and new features when scanning paper assessments.  Here's what's new:

  • SmartForms
    Mastery Manager’s new forms design and smart page recognition feature eliminate the frustration of having to hand score your tests due to scaling issues.  New features allow teachers to customize forms with options for adjusting margins, bubble size, spacing and more which can help reduce paper usage and make assessment taking easier for students depending on their needs.
  • SmartScan Go
    SmartScan offers additional time-saving flexibility to scan Mastery Manager assessment forms with an iOS device using the SmartScan Go app. Windows/Android platforms coming in future releases.
  • Student Scanning of their own Assessments
    Students can now scan their own forms and get immediate results right from the SmartScan Go app with teacher approval! Assessment results appear immediately for the student giving them instant feedback on how they performed on a given assessment.

See this Mastery Manager blog post on what's new for a more detailed explanation of upgrades and new features. 

Instructions for Using SmartScan Beta

*Note: You may need to log in to Mastery Manager before clicking on the links below to access these instructions.

SmartForms and SmartScan Quick Guide

Printing Forms for SmartScan Beta

Using SmartScan Beta as a Teacher (includes using the scanner and iOS device)

Using SmartScan Beta as a Student