Instructional Supervisors have been provided with Department Head accounts in Mastery Manager which allows you to run reports on any assessment given by teachers in your department and view longitudinal data over time.  This includes running reports for individual classes or groups of classes/teams.  For example, an IS may want to see how all students taking Algebra performed on the final exam.  Only ISs are granted access to all teachers' reports in their departments; while teachers only have access to their own class reports.

IMPORTANT: For an assessment to be included in your reports, the teacher MUST select the appropriate "Department" on the Properties tab when creating an assessment, otherwise, the IS will not have access to that assessment.

Click the links below for directions on how to run and use reports.  You may need to log in to Mastery Manager first before clicking the links to be taken directly to the instructions page.

Reports Quick Guide - provides an overview and description of all available reports in Mastery Manager

Running Single Assessment Reports - includes student reports, general assessment reports and comparison reports

Running Multiple Assessment Reports - includes student trend reports and longitudinal comparison reports

Creating Student Growth Reports - includes creating reports as a teacher and reading reports