SPEED CALL:Allows you to dial a specific number with one keypress

Mitel 5000 Series:

  1. Press the blue Menu button
  2. Press Settings
  3. Press Programmable Keys
  4. Press the Key you wish to program
  5. Press Speed Call
  6. Press Edit Info and enter the desired display name (use the number keys to enter)
  7. Press Ok
  8. Press Edit Info again then Press Edit Number and enter in the phone number for the Speed Call (the same way you would dial it)
  9. Press OK
  10. Press Save

Mitel 6940 IP:

  1. Press and hold the programmable key for 4 seconds
  2. In the Label Name field, enter a label to apply to the key using the on-screen keyboard.
  3. Tap the Number field and enter a number using the dialpad keys.
  4. (Optional) Tap the Private checkbox to make the key a Private Speed Call key. When a Private Speed Call key is tapped, the call is considered private and caller ID information is not displayed in the phone’s call history.
  5. Tap the Save softkey to save the information to the key you selected. 

To make a speed call, tap the softkey that you have programmed with Speed Call functionality.