Use the quick guide below to help you get started with Mastery Manager.  Visit the Mastery Manager Help for more detailed instructions and video tutorials.

Note: To access Mastery Manager through our Glenbrook license, go to and log in with your school email address and password.  You may need to log in to Mastery Manager before clicking on the links below.

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Item Bank Assessments

As of Monday, April 16, 2018 we have upgraded to Item Bank 2.  Please create all item bank questions in Item Bank 2 moving forward.  Content previously built in the old Item Bank will automatically be transitioned to the new item bank over the summer of 2018 by Mastery Manager.

Item Bank Assessments are assessments in which the questions are built in Mastery Manager and allow for more varied question types. The Item Bank 2 is the new, more efficient place to create and store questions to be used on Item Bank Assessments.

For All Assessment Types