Semester Transition Topics

  • How do I setup my 2nd semester gradebook? 
    See this video or this handout as a reminder about how to setup weighted grading or add categories.
  • Can I copy a seating chart from 1st semester?
    Yes, see these directions to see how.
  • How do I switch semesters in the gradebook?
    To move between semesters in your gradebook, use the Class Selector at the top of your screen. You can choose Sem 1, Sem 2 or the current school year. It should default to the current semester.
  • Can I see the next (or previous) semester's attendance, seating chart, etc.?
    You will not be able to see screens in the PowerTeacher Portal for 1st semester classes once 2nd semester has started. Also, you cannot see 2nd semester in your PowerTeacher Portal until 2nd semester has started. You can see both semesters in the PowerTeacher Pro gradebook.