In PowerTeacher Pro, there is no action a teacher needs to take to submit grades. Grades will be automatically collected at the appointed time. (See Grade Deadlines chart).  There are some items a teacher may want to review in their gradebook to be sure that information is as up-to-date as possible.

 Have questions or concerns? Call Stephanie Manly at x4818 for assistance.

Here area few things to remember as you prepare your grades for collection:

  • Confirm grade setup is correct (Handout)
  • Confirm grades are up-to-date and accurate 
  • Enter any Modified Grades/Pass/Fail for students including Lab Assistants, etc. (Handout | Video)
    Note: If there are any modified grades already entered, confirm that those are still accurate or remove any inaccurate modified grades.
  • Optional: Enter comments  (Handout | Video)
    Note: If there are any comments already entered, confirm that those comments are still accurate or remove any comments that no longer apply.  Comments can be seen in PowerSchool at any time.
  • Enter grades for any students who transferred into your class mid-semester (Handout)
  • Run Reports (if desired): With the end of the semester, you may be printing reports more frequently.  PTPro now has a Report Print Queue that allows teachers to generate reports and then save report settings so that reports can be regenerated with updated data without having to select all the settings again.  Watch this tutorial on the new updates in PowerSchool, including the print queue.