During the 2016 laptop checkup process the following activities will take place:

  • All devices will be reimaged to update operating systems (Mac OS X or Windows 10), apply security updates, and install the most recent versions of general and specialty software

  • A new VPN client will be installed (Aruba VIA), allowing staff members to access our self-service software portals, local file shares and printers from any location with an internet connection

  • A new system support tool (TBD), allowing staff members to establish a connection with the Glenbrook Technology Help Desk when they are in need of remote assistance

  • The Google Drive desktop client will be installed, allowing staff members to store, backup, and share files from all programs in their Google Drive account

  • Laptops will be inventoried into our new district-wide inventory system, and a new property label will be applied

  • Laptops will be relabeled with the staff member’s name, including a new device name that incorporates the inventory number

  • Any staff member that has been issued a numeric-based login name (ex. 9116) will be transitioned to an identity-based login name (ex. rgravel), that matches their current Google Apps for Education login