On occasion and administrator or assistant may need to enter attendance for a class (e.g. for a substitute). See the directions below.

PowerSchool: Entering Attendance

Attendance Entry by Class

  1. From the start page, click Teacher Schedules.

  1. Click on the teacher’s name for whom attendance needs to be submitted.

  1. Click on the Attendance icon next to the appropriate class. 

  1. Click the box next to the student for whom you need to enter attendance.

  1. The default is “Present” there is no need to enter Present. Select one of the following:

    1. X - Unexcused

    2. Late - Late (>5min)

    3. T - Tardy (<5min)

  1. Click Submit.


  • If all students are present, just hit Submit.

  • If the Attendance Office has already entered a code for an absent student, leave it.